Past Conferences

by chuck



In April of 2011, we had our first Majesty of God conference. God blessed us with a tremendous weekend together. Our main speaker was Dr. Jon Payne, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Douglasville, Georgia. His messages were:

The Majesty of God in a Culture of Irreverence

All Things for the Glory of God

Knowing the God of Majesty

There was wonderful fellowship during the breaks and at lunch. The Lord used the messages throughout the rest of the year to spark conversations about who God is and how to walk with Him more closely and give Him greater glory.



Our second conference was in April of 2012. The theme of this year’s conference was The Majesty of God and the Gospel. The main speaker was Tom Sharp, a gifted preacher and Bible teacher from Huntington. He is loved by many and has had a great ministry in our area for many years. He gave three messages on the majesty of God from Isaiah chapter 40.

At this conference, we had different seminar that went along with the conference theme. Phil Simpson led a wonderful seminar on “The Puritans: Living before the Majesty of God.” Josh Bailey did a seminar entitled, “Dressed in His Righteousness Alone: Confidence in Being Accepted by God.” He spoke of the doctrine of imputation and how this brings comfort in the believer’s life. Brian McCollister, my dear friend who is on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ at Ohio University, gave a stirring message on “Suffering, Sovereignty, and the Gospel of God.” I spoke on “Knowing what we Believe: Five Truths of God and the Gospel.” In this seminar, I shared that we are justified by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ Alone, to the glory of God alone… and that Scripture alone is our final authority.

It was a wonderful time together! God increased our numbers from the previous year and we also had a book table this year.

May our great God and Savior be magnified as a result of our fellowship together during these conferences… and may we bring greater glory to Him as we grow in our discipleship and living a life of impact for Christ and the gospel.